PureGro Brawley Cleanup Project


June 2019
Dust Control, Stockpile Inspection, and Other Property Maintenance is Complete

Dust control and other property maintenance is important work that occurs on the former PureGro property on a regular basis. The latest work was done in June 2019, including fence repair, posting new signage, and spreading a dust suppressant on the soil across the entire property. Workers also checked the dust control blanket material on the soil stockpile (shown at right) to make sure it continues to perform properly. Based on community input, DTSC has announced that the soil stockpile will be removed from the property as part of any cleanup plan selected and approved by DTSC. All remedial options being evaluated for the forthcoming Draft Remedial Action Plan will include removal of the approximately 15,000 cubic yards of soil in the stockpile. Read about the stockpile and explore other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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