PureGro Brawley Cleanup Project


August 2020
Soil Stockpile Removal Set to Begin

Removal of the soil stockpile on the former PureGro property is scheduled to begin September 8, 2020. During the week of August 31, technicians will measure current levels of noise and dust. Stockpile removal will take about 15 weeks, with work expected to be complete in December 2020.

During stockpile removal, about 15,000 cubic yards of soil will be put into trucks, covered, and transported to an out-of-state landfill for disposal. Safety is a top priority during the project and will include daily dust monitoring, dust control, and use of a designated truck route to avoid residential neighborhoods near the property. DTSC will oversee all aspects of the work, and the Imperial County Air Pollution Control District and the California Air Resources Board have reviewed the plan for dust control.

If you have questions or concerns during stockpile removal, please call the community information line at 760-602-3830. Please leave a brief message, including your name and phone number, and a project representative will reply promptly.

June 2020
Remedial Action Plan Approved; Stockpile Removal Expected to Begin This Year

DTSC approved the Remedial Action Plan on June 1, 2020. Removal and offsite disposal of the soil stockpile is the first step in the cleanup plan, with a goal of completing it this year. Public safety is the top priority during stockpile removal. For example, dust will be monitored and controlled during all cleanup activities, and trucks will use a designated truck route to avoid residential areas as much as possible.

After stockpile removal, the remaining parts of the cleanup plan will be designed and completed. That work includes excavation of additional soil from targeted areas, followed by placement of an engineered cover over the property. Residential buffer zones will be created along the eastern boundary and along River Drive. Visit the FAQs page for more information and the Resources page to read the approved RAP, Responsiveness Summary, and other information.

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