PureGro Brawley Cleanup Project


October 27, 2020
Stockpile Removal is About 60% Complete

Removal of the soil stockpile at the former PureGro property is progressing safely and smoothly. About 60% of the soil has been hauled away for out-of-state disposal. That’s more than 500 dump trucks so far. Daily monitoring of dust and noise confirms that our preventive measures are working and comply with DTSC and Imperial County Air Pollution Control District requirements. The majority of the trucking and soil removal is on track to be completed by early December, followed by demobilization of equipment and work crews.

We are grateful for the patience and support of the City of Brawley and the local neighborhood while we complete this important project. Removal of the stockpile was a key request of the community as part of the Remedial Action Plan approved by DTSC in June 2020

To control dust, water is sprayed on each bucket of soil as it is mixed and loaded onto trucks. Nearby, technicians monitor for dust, noise, and safety.
Each load of soil is inspected and covered, and the trucks go through a wheel wash before driving onto local streets.

September 28, 2020
Community Safety is Top Priority during Stockpile Removal

Protecting the Brawley community and project workers is our focus as cleanup work gets going on the former PureGro property. We take safety and regulatory compliance very seriously in all that we do, including these daily activities:

In this photo, contractors are spreading gravel to create an access road for trucks during loading of soil from the stockpile. Water trucks keep the road and soil wet to prevent dust. All loaded dump trucks are covered, checked, and wheels cleaned before leaving the property.

If you have questions or concerns during stockpile removal, call the community information line at 760-602-3830. Please leave a brief message, including your name and phone number, and a project representative will reply promptly.

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